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First, create your wallet address for claiming free bitcoins. Register here for free coins.ph. Verify your registration to earn P50 also. coins.ph also allows you to pay bills, shop and load to all network with rebates. After verifying your account, you can earn free bitcoins by registering to the following paying sites.

  1. freebitcoin  – You can win fre0.0000008 per minute or 0.0012btc per daye bitcoin every hour, you can multiply by playing Hi-Lo game. There is also a chance of winning free weekly lottery with 50% of referral commission. The beauty of this sites is that your bitcoins savings is increasing with its daily interest. click here to register https://freebitco.in/?r=4474470.
  2. btcprominerlife – is a bitcoin mining site.To earn higher btc you can upgrade it. btcprominerlife have 5 version first is btcprominer v1.0 its free. This version profit is 60 satoshi per minute or 0.0006 per day.Second version is v1.1,the profit of this version is   with 30% affiliate bonus. Third is v1.2, the profit is 0.00001 btc per minute or 0.015 per day with 40% affiliate bonus.Fourth is v1.3, the profit is 0.0001 btc per minute or 0.15 per day with 50% affiliate bonus.Lastly, v1.4 with profit of 0.00035 btc per minute or 0.5 btc per day with 70% affiliate bonus. minimum withdrawal is 0.005btc. What are you waiting for, register here https://btcprominer.life/137600
  3. bitminer – almost the same with btcprominerlife, the difference of this you can change your wallet address. register here https://bitminer.io/2081823 for free.
  4. coinbulb  – You can earn thru clicking ads. Some doesn’t know how to use this site, Just click on view ads to earn mbtc. This is also paying sites with 80% referral commision. minimum withdrawal here is 0.5mBTC. Just remember these 3 words,  CLICK,VIEW, then EARN. click here to register http://coinbulb.com/?r=boszbroken
  5. btcclicks – same with coinbulb is a clicking sites. just click surf ads to earn more mBTC. this pretty good than coinbulb its easy to earn more mBTC here. click here to earn more btc http://btcclicks.com/?r=a2693a52
  6. empireworkers – collect earnings everyday with your passive workers, you can hire workers to earn more dollars/BTC. its easy to collect and earn in this site. collect more clicks for referrals, pay out via paypal or bitcoin. click here https://empireworkers.com/?c=NQB929 to register.
  7. claimers  is raiblocks faucet. You can earn thru encoding captcha images.the more you claim, the more satoshis,the more btc. click here to earn https://claimers.io/?ref=83218  to register

I hope this sites helps you a lot. Mabuhay and Happy Earnings!